Tuesday, January 11, 2011


To my lil Cruncha!

I cannot believe that this little girl is 11 years old today. She moved home when she was about 1 1/2. I remember her being so small, its just crazy to think that she's not that lil baby anymore. I've watched her grow-up right before my eyes and still I can't believe it.

So here is my present to you my dear!!!

Top 11 reasons why we love YOU!!!!

11. You're a good friend! You love your friends and are so good at helping them!
10. You're a great big sister! You're always so helpful. You take care of your brother with a lot of love and lots of smarts.
9. You're a great helper! You're always so willing to help in any way you can. I love that about you.
8. Your creativity! I love how you love to cook and create.
7. Snuggles! I love snuggling with you. I love that you will just come sit down next to me just to snuggle even if its just for a min. But I also know that we ALL love your snuggles.
6. Your love of learning! I love that you love learning and soaking up any new bit of knowledge that you can. Its so fun to watch you learn.
5. Your tender heart! You've got such a sweet, soft and wonderful heart. You're always so thoughtful towards others. Don't ever lose that!!!
4. Your blond hair! No one else looks as good as you with that blond hair. No one in this family pulls it off like you do. It totally matches you. It makes you stand out... In a good way. You glow my dear! You're golden with it!
3. Your smile! It totally lights up your whole face. And makes others want to smile too!
2. Your send of humor! Girl you crack us up! You're so witty and quick with your words. Its like they just flow out of you! Its AWESOME!
1. Your giggle! Its so contagious! When you laugh we have to laugh too! There's no way you cannot laugh when hearing you giggle!

You're SO amazing and wonderful! Don't you EVER forget that! Or I'm gonna give you the hand, no matter how old you are! We love and appreciate all that you do, say, and add to our family! I hope you have a most fabulous day! Wish I could be there with you!

Nana loves and miss you!! Everyone LOVES you too!!!

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