Monday, December 22, 2008

Good News Moment

I have a couple things that I wanted to share....

1. I get to go home to Laie in a couple days. I'm SO ready to go. I'm excited to be with my family again, see some friends, and to just hang out and take a break from Utah.

2. I've decided to receive my endowments when I go home. It's a big move and decision for me. But it is also time for me to go. (For those who are wondering... yes, this is just for me. And no, this isn't because marriage is around the corner.) I've had a lot of trials come my way. They have only made me stronger and brought me closer to Heavenly Father. I've had to learn to rely on my family, my true friends, myself and Heavenly Father more then ever.
I'm excited that I get to go through the Laie temple and that my parents will be there with me. I look forward to the day when I can go with my whole family.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trials to be had... Lessons to be learned....

So this past week of life has been... interesting and very trying.

Sat Dec 13

After a long day and night at work I decided that I would be social and go to my single's branch Christmas party. It was in Bountiful... which is about 20 min south of where I live. I went and had fun. A snow storm was starting to hit, so we left. It was after 1am by this time. Well I didn't get that far. Sparing the details... I spun out on the freeway and hit the wall. Luckily no one else was involved... no one was near me... and I wasn't hurt either. PLUS there was minimal damage to my car. And YES.... it happened in SLOW MOTION!!!! I tried to reverse, but was stuck in the snow. I looked over to see that a car had pulled over. It hadn't even been a full minute yet. I saw someone walking over. A guy opened my door and asked if I was okay. I told him that I was but couldn't get out of the snow. So he and his friends... about 6 guys... all pushed me out of the snow and back onto the road. The same guy checked on me again to make sure I was okay and said to drive safely.
I was VERY grateful for those guys who stopped to help. They were all in nice clothes and still got dirty. i never did get their names or anything but I hope that they know how grateful I am to them.
Eventually I did make it home safely... I finally made it to a part of the freeway that was plowed!!!! Called a friend on the way home to help me calm down. But didn't go til sleep til 3am.

Sun Dec 14

When I woke up it was snowing HARD! I had to be at the chapel early, so I hurried and got ready. Plowed myself out so I could drive. I got to the chapel just fine. No accidents. After church when I got to my car... it wouldn't stop. Apparently I had left my headlights on the whole 3 1/2 hours. I called my lovely brother-in-law Marty to come and jump my car.
I also stayed up late for other reasons... that are just too dumb to mention.

Mon Dec 15

After a long day of work I headed down to Provo to help a friend with a project. I was over tired and frustrated with a few things. So after I helped my friends I went over to my sister Kahi's house. I stayed up late talking to Kahi and Mike... thanks again for that... and it helped a lot. It had already started snowing pretty good. I figured that the freeways wouldn't be plowed yet, and didn't wanna drive in it so I stayed the night at their house.

Tue Dec 16

I woke up... it was STILL snowing!!! I left as soon as I could. Normally it is an hour drive from Kahi's to my place. Because of the snow... it took me 2 hours. I was overly tired and started falling asleep. But stopped to get food. I had to call my co-woker and switch her shifts so she could open the store for me because I wasn't going to make it back in time. I finally made it back, changed and drove to work. On the drive to work... which is only about 1 mile... my car sounded HORRIBLE!! I wasn't sure what it was. When I got to work I discovered... a falt tire!!! HOORAY FOR ME!!! So after another long day of work... and getting out late... I went outside in 30 degrees to change my tire. My friend Sarah was with me and helping. Yes... I know how to change a tire!!!! BUT I've also never had to change one when its 30 degrees outside. I was having some trouble... so I called MARTY!!!! AGAIN! Poor thing!!! But right when he was on his way over some nice guy came to helped to loosen the lug nuts for me. So Marty didn't have to come!
Lets just say by the end of the night I was DONE and asked Marty for a blessing. I also stayed up late too.

Wed Dec 17

It wasn't a bad day... just long. I did feel better about things over all too! I was still overly exhausted too!

Thur Dec 18

They day was going pretty good. Until... later that is. I went over to my sister Pua's house to use her computer to pay a bill. No one was home at the time. As I walked out I checked to make sure the door was locked. I got to my car to realize... my keys were still in the house! So this time its 33 degrees outside. I'm locked out of Pua's house AND my car. I'm wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie! THAT'S IT!!!! I called Pua... cause I was ALWAYS calling Marty... she was still in schoool in Salt Lake. So I called Marty, he was in Sandy on his way home. But it would still take him an hour to come home. So I ended up walking to the gas station. It took me about 40 min to get there. I was pretty much numb when I did get there. I bought some hot chocolate and went across the street to the grocery store to wait for Marty.

Fri Dec 19

I worked a double and hoped things would be okay if I just stayed in one spot!!! There was a bad storm, so Marty was nice enough to check up on me to see if I was okay. Which I was. The whole was actually okay.

Sat Dec 20

I woke up and got stuff done. I even made a list of things that I needed to get done. I made my way over to the post office to have them stop my mail while I'm home. On my way out I realize... My keys are still in the ignition. FABULOUS!!!! So I called for Marty AGAIN to come to my rescue. He did. He brought a hanger and was able to unlock my car pretty quickly... HOORAY FOR MARTY!!!!
I went to Pua's to get some stuff done. And as I was leaving to do a few mre things I got called into work early. So nothing else got done. Work for the most part was pretty good. BUT I did get the LAST party of the night... the manager thought she would volunteer me. So sweet of her right?! Yah... well, we close the store at 10pm. This party stayed til 1145pm. So I didn't even get out til after mid night.

Sun Dec 21 TODAY....

I woke up and my body hurt ALL OVER! So I crawled back into bed. And didn't wake up til 12. Church starts at 1230. LOL! I eventaully did make it to church. But during Sunday school my asthma started acting up, I thought I would go out for a few min to see if I could stop the attack from coming on. As I am passing people to get out of class this guy puts something in my hand and says Merry Christmas. I thank him, but I'm REALLY confused. Outside I see that he's given lip gloss. Odd, but okay. After I get my asthma under better control I walk back into the chapel and run into my ex! WONDERFUL! It actually wasn't all that horrible or awkward. We talked and caught up. The awkward part was when everyone walked out of Sunday school and saw us an kept staring at us. And that poor guy that had given me the lip gloss looked mad and disappointed. And then it was embarassing when my branch pres came up to me while I'm talking with this guy to ask me if I will give the closing prayer in sac mtg. I agree. Then he looks at me and says, Is this someone I should know? We both laughed. I said not neccisarily, and then introduced him. GOSH!! AWKWARD!!!!
Then after sac mtg we had a linger longer... and that same guy who gave me the lip gloss was ONE person away from me the whole time. I don't even know what to think. I have only talked to him once... at the branch christmas party. And JUST learned his name. I'm sorry to say but he's one of those very odd people in singles wards! AND I was confused even more because he was sitting by the same girl in sunday school and sac mtg who is NOT HIS SISTER!!! Now I'm REALLY confused!!!

So that's been my week everyone!! With that said.... hahahahahaha all I gotta say is story of my life I tell ya!!!!

No, but really. There are things that I'm grateful for. I'm very grateful that I have a brother-in-law who is willing to come and help me when I call. I'm grateful that I'm comfortable enough to ask him for a blessing or to just call him to come help me. I'm grateful for siblings who help me anytime that I need it. I'm grateful for strangers who are willing to help.
With all of things going on I can't help but say SATAN YOU SUCK!!! And then wonder what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me. What lesson do I need to learn from this? What can I take from this whole experience? How can I become a better person? How do I strengthen myself? Its also helped me rely on Heavenly Father a lot more. Its allowed me to open up to him and say "PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!" when I can't think of anything else to say.
Its amazing the lessons you can learn while going through experiences like this. The things that are brought into perspective and brought to light are amazing. And although I'm sure I still have lessons to learn from this week... knowing that I will make is through this is comforting. Knowing that I have people around me that are there for me and that care is a big help and a wonderful gift. Knowing that I have this gospel in my life brings me joy that can't be described. And knowing that Heavenly Father is there for me and loves me no matter what is priceless.
I've tried to make the best out of this lovely week... and although its been hard and I haven't been all that positive, I think I'm getting hang of it. Hopefully I continue to do so.
Thank you to everyone who has helped me!! I love and appreciate you all!