Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Four things I was doing ten years ago...

1. Sophomore in high school
2. Hanging out at home
3. Playing with my only nephew at my sisters TVA apt
4. Making new friends... Head mostly!!!!

Four things I was doing 5 years...

1. Going to school
2. Working to save money for a mission
3. Watching my nieces
4. Driving my family all over and being the taxi driver

Four things I was doing yesterday....

1. Picking up my parents from the airport YAY!!!!
2. Playing with my 7 nieces and nephews at the play ground
3. Drove A LOT
4. Worked

Four shows that I like...

1. Bones
2. CSI
3. Deadliest Catch
4. Myth Busters

My four biggest joys...

1. The gospel
2. My true friends that I've made throughout my life
3. My family
4. Discovering what life has in store for me

Four things that you might not know about me...

1. I don't really enjoy watching tv all that much. I never have. I'll watch it for a few hours... then I'm done. I probably watch 4-5 hours a week. Maybe a lil more... but usually less then that. Just depends what it is... And even when the tv is on I'm always doing something else too. So I'm not really watching it all that much anyway.
2. I just want to be a stay-at-home mom!!! When the time comes that I actually do get married and have my own family that is what I want to do. I think getting an education is very important... I still plan on finishing married or not. But my true passion is to stay at home with my children, to watch them grow and learn. To be able to teach them things. Its always been my dream.
3. I'm actually happy here in Utah... as much as I complain about being in Utah, I' happy here and like it too. Don't get me wrong... if I had the choice I would SO be at home in Hawaii... more like Laie. But right now this is a good place for me to be. It wasn't my first choice, but here I am. I've enjoyed what I've been able to learn about myself and others while I've been here. There's things that I've learned here that I wouldn't have been able to learn if I had stayed home in Laie. But don't you worry... I don't plan on staying here forever. Just a few years and then I plan on going back home to Laie. That's what I feel is in the plan....
4. I would love to travel the world and see what it has to offer. I'd love to go see my friends all over the world, or all over the US... I've only been as far as Wyoming!! What I would REALLY love and enjoy is going around the world to see all the temples throughout the world.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

The name....

So I thought that I would take the time to explain the name/address of my blog... Sheguyver... for those who don't know where it came from of the story behind it... which is most people!

My sisters have given me the nickname of She-rah... I don't know even know how long ago they gave me that nickname, but oh well. Hopefully everyone remembers who She-rah is! She's a cartoon character from the 80's, I think. A super hero. Her brother He man was also a super hero. They started calling me that because I would lift heavy things on my own and rarely asked for help. LOL! Well that's the short version of it anyways...
So once I moved up here to Utah, the name of course continued. But then it became altered! One day I was with Pua's family at the storage locker loading things up into the truck in preparation to help them move. We were trying to load the kids bed and frame onto the truck. The screws to put the frame together were in a zip-loc bag, taped to it. But because of the way that it was taped on there anything else that we put on top of it wasn't going to lay flat and would fall off. So as I'm standing there in the back of the truck I thought... if only I had something to cut this tape off, that would make things so much easier. At that same moment that I had that thought I realized I had a pen in my hair. So I took the pen out, stabbed the tape and took the bag off of the frame. When my sister came back out and saw that I had fixed things she laughed. So I told her the story. Then she called me Macguyver! Please tell me everyone remember Macgyver!!! If you don't hopefully this joggs your memory!I laughed at her! A lil while later she gave me the name of Sheguyver! Half she-rah, half macgyver! For my apparent ability to make something of of nothing, or just to simply improvise. And cause I lift all manner of things by myself!
So there it is...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So my sister Pua called me today and says... I got a call today from the Church Office Building they're looking for you! I was like...uh... the WHAT?! She tells me that her house phone rings and my 5 year old nephew Ikaika answers it. He informs her that it is someone he doesn't know. She gets on the phone, the nice Sister missionary introduces herself and says that she's looking for... Venice Elizabeth oh and please don't make me say that other name (she really did say that). Pua says that she doesn't need to even attempt my middle name, but that she is my sister. So the sister missionary says that she just needs my current address. Pua tells her that she could drive her there but that she doesn't know my actual address. Instead she asks if she can just get a phone number so that I can call her back.
So when Pua called to tell me all this... my mind is boggled!! THE CHURCH OFFICE BUILDING CALLED!!!! I just don't understand it. Why would they call my sisters house?! When I moved into my current ward I filled out one of those papers and put my sisters address cause that's where I was living at the time. BUT I didn't end up going to church for about a month because I was working. So when I finally went back the bishop informs me that I need to fill out a new sheet because he sent for my records but they never got sent AND since he had already sent for them he had thrown away the paper I filled out. So I filled out a new one and put my CURRENT address. They sent for my records and got them. But BOTH times that filled out the paper I didn't put my sisters number on it. I put my number on there... which btw has been the same since 2003. So now I'm REALLY confused. And if I had put mu sisters number I would've put her cell number not her house number. So of course my mind is racing... I can't figure this out. And now I've got to call the church office people back. I told Pua that I would come over to her house and then call them. Pua tells me that I also must make sure to call them back because she doesn't want them to keep calling her. Then later she offered to "loose" the number. I told her that wouldn't be good cause then they'll keep calling her and then she'll get mad at me and it'll just not be good overall. Then Pua and I started joking around and saying that they were going to call me on a mission... We know that you haven't actaully filled out papers for a mission but we've been inspired to send you on a mission to the middle of nowhere!!! LOL! Wouldn't that just be great... story of my life! BUT OH WAIT... it gets better!!! On my way to Pua's house I stopped at the bank and my sister Kahanu calls me. We start talking and I ask if she would like to hear my funny story for the day. So I start telling her how the church office called Pua. Then she stops me to tell me that THEY CALLED HER TOO!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!! So Kahanu tells me that they called her looking for me... and asked if she had my mailing address. She did. So she gave it to them. Umm.... talk about hunting someone down and getting things done! Apparently someone is looking for me. GOSH!!! Can I run and hide now?!
Good part... I guess I don't have to call them back anymore. Point of the story... if the church wants to find you... THEY WILL!!! They have resources for that kinda stuff!!! New rule... THOU SHALT NOT MESS WITH THE CHURCH OFFICE PEOPLE!!!!

ps I have another funny story to share soon... just gotta upload pictures... it involves ME being locked out of my car AGAIN!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here I am!!!

Hey everyone!
So it looks like I've decided to join everyone and blog! YAY!!! Hopefully this will be a better way for me to keep in touch with everyone. Hopefully... I can keep this up, esp since I don't have my own comp! Thank goodness for sisters! Formy first blog I thought I would just give a lil update on me...
For those who don't know I'm living in Utah now. I've been here for almost 2 years... the end of this month will make 2 years! CRAZY!!!!
I wasn't too excited to move here when I made the decision. But I made the decision because of a prompting and because I knew that it was what Heavenly Father was asking me to do. So I made the move. It was a big thing for me. But I did it on faith. I lived with Brooke Barker in Orem for the first 6 months... until she moved out and then got married. I started working at the Golden Corral in Orem. I got a 2nd job a few months later... but only kept it for a few months. I got to go home for Christmas. With the help of Kahi I surprised the rest of my family on Christmas Eve. It was SO nice to be home again. A few months later when I was back in Utah I got offered a full time job at the hospital in Provo in their cafe. I took that job and stayed part time at Golden Corral. Later I found another place cause I GREATLY dis-liked my other roommates once Brooke left. I ended up moving into the new place and brought Melodie Navalta with me!!! That was a blast. I loved it. It was so nice to live with someone from home again. By this time I had finally learned to love where I was living, both of my jobs, and the friends I had made. THEN... Heavenly Father asked me to move AGAIN! So I packed up, quit both jobs and moved to Clearfield (just north of Layton), all in one month. Moving again was REALLY hard for me. But once again I did it on faith. I lived with my sister Pua and her family when I first moved up here. I planned on only staying a couple weeks... but things didn't come together like I had thought they would so I stayed with them for 4 months. I worked at the Marriott Customer Call Center place for a few months... but that didn't work out. So I got a job the the Golden Corral up here. I'm still adjusting to life up here. Its been a struggle. Its hard not to move back to Orem when I know that I could go back to both of my jobs and move back into my old place again. But I also know that even though I don't understand it all the time this is the right place for me right now. So now I'm here trying to do as I should and trying to understand why I'm here. That's about it for now....