Sunday, March 6, 2011

The many faces of Chloe!!!

I love this little girl... She seriously cracks me up. I don't get to see her as much as I would like to. But one weekend, when Kaika was gettin baptized, I had a few min to sit with her. Just her and I. I asked for a smile and these are the faces that I got in return. One right after the other. It was awesome!

Love you Chole-bird!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011



Here's some of the top 10 reasons why we LOVE you!!!!

1. She has a fabulous sense of humor!!! She always has us laughing!
2. She loves to dance and is great at it!
3. She loves taking care of babies and will be a fabulous mom someday!!
4. She loves animals and hopes someday she won't be allergic to them
5. She loves to be tickled by her dad
6. She loves to snuggle with her mom and can often be found in her bed in the morning.
7. She loves to help cook
8. She is always trying to do what is right
9. She loves to wear skirts and all things girly!
10. She is a daddy's girls!!
We love Kalei!!! She is so much fun and such a sweet girl!! She is tender hearted and we are so grateful to have her as part of our family!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew Kalani. He's 11 now. And just the thought of it makes me feel old! Even though you're far away Kalani, know that I love you TONS!! And love all the moments that I do get to spend with you.

Here's just a few reasons why we love you Kalani! I hope you have a GREAT birthday! I love you TONS bud!!!

11. He is very talented at music-he can pick something and just start playing it especially on the ukulele-I found him playing the hymns the other Sunday-just picking the notes but it was total sight reading-he wasn't looking at his fingers at all-he makes us jealous-he plays 4 instruments-the bass, piano,ukulele, and saxophone.
10. Love his laugh-when he thinks something is funny-he really thinks it's funny-it fun to watch him lose control because he is laughing so hard
9. He is an amazing student-he works really hard and expects to get an A-hence the reason he always had straight As-he's really smart too!
8. He is thoughtful-he is always concerned with those around him and wants to make sure they are happy-he especially takes really good care of his sisters
7. He is very determined and persistent
6. He loves sports and loves to play them-baseball, basketball, football, ping pong he loves them all
5. He is diligent and consistent-he never fails to read his scriptures and say his prayers-more than I can say for me :)
4.He loves to play games-not just sports but board games and video games
3.This also kind of goes along with the music-but he loves to listen to music-sing it-don't tell him I told you that-he really enjoys it
2. He is a great brother and big brother-he is a great friend to Kawika and takes really good care of the girls
1. He is so much fun!! He has a great sense of humor, is kind and loves to have fun!! We love him and he is such an amazing part of our family!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


To my lil Cruncha!

I cannot believe that this little girl is 11 years old today. She moved home when she was about 1 1/2. I remember her being so small, its just crazy to think that she's not that lil baby anymore. I've watched her grow-up right before my eyes and still I can't believe it.

So here is my present to you my dear!!!

Top 11 reasons why we love YOU!!!!

11. You're a good friend! You love your friends and are so good at helping them!
10. You're a great big sister! You're always so helpful. You take care of your brother with a lot of love and lots of smarts.
9. You're a great helper! You're always so willing to help in any way you can. I love that about you.
8. Your creativity! I love how you love to cook and create.
7. Snuggles! I love snuggling with you. I love that you will just come sit down next to me just to snuggle even if its just for a min. But I also know that we ALL love your snuggles.
6. Your love of learning! I love that you love learning and soaking up any new bit of knowledge that you can. Its so fun to watch you learn.
5. Your tender heart! You've got such a sweet, soft and wonderful heart. You're always so thoughtful towards others. Don't ever lose that!!!
4. Your blond hair! No one else looks as good as you with that blond hair. No one in this family pulls it off like you do. It totally matches you. It makes you stand out... In a good way. You glow my dear! You're golden with it!
3. Your smile! It totally lights up your whole face. And makes others want to smile too!
2. Your send of humor! Girl you crack us up! You're so witty and quick with your words. Its like they just flow out of you! Its AWESOME!
1. Your giggle! Its so contagious! When you laugh we have to laugh too! There's no way you cannot laugh when hearing you giggle!

You're SO amazing and wonderful! Don't you EVER forget that! Or I'm gonna give you the hand, no matter how old you are! We love and appreciate all that you do, say, and add to our family! I hope you have a most fabulous day! Wish I could be there with you!

Nana loves and miss you!! Everyone LOVES you too!!!