Friday, July 25, 2008

Yes, I am hooked too...

Okay... So I MUST confess that I am hooked to the Twilight series as well!!! I LOVE IT! They're so addicting. And this is coming from someone who HATED... yes that's a strong word, but its the correct one TRUST ME!!!... and I mean HATED reading. I didn't learn how to love reading and to pick up a book and read it for pure enjoyment til I was a sophomore in college... thanks to Kelly and Harry Potter!!!! But with the help of two of my sisters, and many friends I picked up the Twilight books... enough said.
I'm really excited for the new book and I'm planning on re-reading all 3 books before the new one Breaking Dawn comes out. I've had many discussions with my sister and a couple friends about the new book. No conclusions yet!!! And Stephenie Meyer has started to release a quote of the day... until the day Breaking Dawn get released. They're all very interesting... some annoying, some more confusing than anything... so we'll just have to see. I just don't even know how I want it to end!

OH and the movie... I'm WAY excited for that too. I've watched trailers and see footage from the set and see tons of pics... and for those who aren't excited about Edward or I guess Robert Pattinson who plays Edward.... I didn't like him when I first found out that he was the one playing the part. All I could think of was Cedric Diggory. But after I've seen a ton of pics and more stuff with him in it... I'm gonna have a hard time picturing him in any other role! LOL! So yah... anyways... there it is... I'm a fan!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Once again...

So Saturday my sisters and I and their children were at a resort called Wolf Creek for a few days. Saturday we were checking out. Keep in mind with 9 children running around, ages 4 months to 8 years there was A LOT going on. My sisters were packing and cleaning up while I loaded the cars. We were alomst done and I managed to get all 9 of the kids outside and asked my sisters to please grab my car keys when they came out. When everyone one was out we started to load the kids. I went to get my keys and couldn't find them. We all looked. I FOUND THEM... locked in my car! GRRRR!!!

My sister Lilia asked the front desk if they could help us. They gave us a number of a lock smith. My other sister Kahi found a couple of maintenance guys if they had a slim jim or a wire hanger. A little while later one of the maintenance guys returned with a wire hanger. I started to use the hanger to break in... sadly I've had to do this before, Kelly can testify to that!! As I'm trying to break in... Two poly guys show up and ask us if we need help. Pua and Kahi had gone to the store
to and bought a wire hanger. When they came back one of the guys offered to try break in on the other side.

As were both trying to break in several other guests as well as maintenance works stopped to ask us if we needed help or just stopped to state the obvious... got locked out of your car huh?! GEES GEORGE THANKS!!! We continued trying. My poor sisters had 9 hunger and restless kids to take care of in the mean time. Lilia got into the coolers and started making peanut butter sandwiches. We didn't have a knife handy, so she used her finger to spread the peanut butter. The also pulled out an activity and had the kids make their own visors with somet stick on letter and shapes. Yay for handy and accessible crafts!!!

I finally gave in and let someone try. We tried everything we could think of... several times. Nothing was working. But those guys were so nice. And their wives were so patient!!!! I was so grateful. Later the first maintenance guy who brought us the hanger stopped by again. So he took over for one of the other guys. Soon after... he got the door opened! HOORAY!!!!!!

Moral of the story.... make lots of spare keys and put them all over the place. AND don't lock your phone in the car so you can't call someone besides a locksmith for help!

The joys of being an Aunty

The other day I was watching my sisters kids when my nephew Koa came up to me and wanted to go outside. I told him that he had to change out of his pajamas into some clothes and then he could go. He got some clothes then came in the room and informed me that he was going to get himself dressed cause he's a big boy now... he was still 2 at the time he just BARELY turned 3, lol. He put his underwear and shirt on. Then put his pants on. He was so pround of himself!! Then I looked at him.... if you can't tell in the picture his pants are on backwards!! I was cracking up, but so proud. I of course stopped to take a picture AND then fixed his pants!!!

Other joys of being an aunt include, but are not limited to...

Sitting on my nephew because he thinks that at 11 years old he can take me on and WIN!! HAHAHA! He thought wrong!!

Putting the little ones to sleep and then holding them while they sleep!!!

Snuggling with them and being piled onto!

Playing with them... like I'm one of the kids...

And the reasons continue to grow DAILY!!!!

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3 Joys

1. My family
2. The Church and the gospel
3. My true friends

3 Fears

1. Never being able to move back to Hawaii
2. Not being a good and patient mother... whenever that day actually comes
3. My dad passing away before I actually get married

3 Goals

1. Finishing School
2. Being a stay at home mom
3. Moving back to Hawaii

3 Current Obsessions

1. Bones
2. Twilight
3. Find the money for so I can buy my ticket for a trip home, oh and to fix my car!

3 Random facts

1. I recently took care of six of my nieces and nephews ages 8yrs to 4 months for 2 days!! It was a good experience!
2. I can pick stuff up with my toes
3. I can plug my nose without pinching it shut with my fingers.