Sunday, December 12, 2010

Turkey anyone?? No. How about milk?

HI EVERYONE!!! Alright so I know that I've TOTALLY been MIA on this thing... But I'm workin on makin a come back. I've got stuff to write and share... just gotta work on finding the time post it.

So I thought I would share my adventure at work the other day. My boss asked my friend/sister Krystle and I to go to the Walmart to get milk... cause we were out. He asked us to get 20 gallons of 2% and 20 gallons of whole milk. Now, as crazy as this sounds, it happens fairly often that we run out of milk and we have to buy some until our next shipment comes in. This isn't the first time that I have gone to buy milk. But I did manage to get a picture this time.

We definitely got the funny looks and comments that went along with it. It was pretty funny.
My boss also asked us to check into the price of Turkey's. Its on our menu... and was cheaper than our supplier. Sooo... he asked us to ask the nice people at Walmart if we could have 40 Turkeys... yes 40!!!! The poor lady... first she looked at us like we were crazy. Then she just looked tired as she ran around trying to work everything out for us. She was quite smart in the way that she figured out how to get everything rung up so we wouldn't have to actually wait in line with ALL 40 Turkeys. Genius right?!

All we had was our small SUV, the work car, that we brought. We weren't quite sure that it was all going to fit it all in the car. But we didn't want to make two trips. Krystle said we were just going to play Tetris. So we did. It was pretty awesome. We moved our seats forward and put the backs up so they were VERY straight and upright. We managed to fit the milk crates on the floor between the back and front seats. And well... besides our own seats, the turkeys took over... LITERALLY!

This is my view when I turned around

Krystle driving like an old grandma lady, hugging the steering wheel.

This was the last place for things to go... still more turkey by me!

All of our milk the was right behind us!

The back seat!

Here's the back of the car!!!

Alright, so we were pretty proud of ourselves! And our boss got a good laugh out of it. I think he does it sometimes just for the entertaining stories we come back with. Hehehe.... and those poor Walmart works thought we weren't gonna make it all fit! BUT WE DID IT!!! YAY FOR US!!!!

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